Wellsville Chapel

509 Riverside Avenue
Wellsville, OH 43968
Phone: 330-532-1553
Fax: 330-532-9313
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Our oldest location is Wellsville Chapel built in 1881. Originally the post war home of General James Reilly, this facility features antique tapestries and warming walnut woodwork. Wellsville has a very homelike atmosphere, and each room features a beautiful fireplace and mantle. The mantle in our lounge came from the JD Rockefeller Mansion in New York. The second floor features funeral antiques, such as wood preparation tables and backdrop draperies from the days when funeral service was conducted from a family’s home.

This space has an arrangement office, adjacent selection room, and can accommodate 100 people.

Located at 509 Riverside Avenue, on the bank of the Ohio River, families can sit on our benches and look out onto the river for a moment of reflection.