Let Martin MacLean Altmeyer Funeral Homes help celebrate the life that was lived.

We want to honor each person’s one of a kind journey. Our specialists can help you arrange a meaningful service highlighting you or your loved one’s accomplishments, passions, hobbies or convictions.

Display her pottery or his golf clubs for family and friends to admire. Arrange for a balloon release at the graveside, or design remembrance keepsakes.

Create a remembrance table or video tribute with family photos. Organize a police officer or fireman themed service. Drive away in a motorcycle hearse or horse-drawn carriage.

Whatever is meaningful to you is meaningful to us.

Call today to learn more personalization options available at Martin MacLean Altmeyer Funeral Homes.

Personalization options we offer:

  • Balloon Release
  • Casket Personalization
  • Memory Tables
  • Military Honors
  • Online Obituaries
  • Online Remembrance
  • Remembrance Keepsakes
  • Picture Boards
  • Temporary Grave Marker